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Legal, & Scientific Journals

"Myth of the Wild West: Law and Justice Prior to the Organization of the Territory of Colorado," MA Thesis, University of Colorado Denver

"Induced Seismicity and the Potential for Liability under U.S. Law," 289 Tectonophysics 239 (1998) (co-authored with S. D. Davis)

"Induced Seismicity and the Potential for Liability under American Law," Abstracts of the General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics in Boulder (July 1995) (co-authored with S. D. Davis)

"Liability for Induced Earthquakes," 9 Journal of Environmental Law & Litigation 551 (1994) (co-authored with S. D. Davis)

"The State of Corporate Knowledge on Injection Induced Earthquakes: An Informal Survey," EOS, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union, Conference in San Francisco (December 1994) (co-authored with S. D. Davis)

"International Law & Policy of Extraterrestrial Planetary Protection," 32 Jurimetrics 313 (1993)

"Survey of Colorado Landlord and Tenant Law," 20 The Colorado Lawyer 2023 (Oct. 1991)

"International Law: Implications of the Strategic Defense Initiative," 38 Oklahoma Law Review 893 (1985)

Newspapers & Magazines

"Adventures in Copyright," Baker Street Journal (April 2014)

"Update on Constitutionality of Film & Video State Tax Incentives," Advertising & Marketing Review (March 2006)

"Federal Court Case Threatens State Tax Incentives," Advertising & Marketing Review (August 2005)

"New Tax Incentives For Production," Advertising & Marketing Review (April 2005)

"The New Tax Incentives For Film & TV Investors: How Can They Help Indies?" Indie Slate Magazine (March 2005)

"Seven Distribution Myths," Indie Slate Magazine (March 2004)

"Ask A Lawyer: Some Landlords Need Licenses in City," Boulder Daily Camera (Sept 17, 1994)

"Ask A Lawyer: Landlords Must Follow Eviction Rules," Boulder Daily Camera (January 1 1994)

"Ask A Lawyer: Deadline Exists for Return of Security Deposit," Boulder Daily Camera (Dec. 25, 1993)

"Ask A Lawyer: Lease Protects Renter, Landlord," Boulder Daily Camera (Dec. 18, 1993)

"Understanding the Basics of Lease Laws," 2:3 Investment Alert 3 (March 1992)

"Legal Information and Options for Single Parents," Boulder Parent (Oct.-Dec. 1991)


The Consulting Detective Trilogy Part II: On Stage, Foolscap & Quill (June 2017)

The Adventures of Jonathan Beckwith, Foolscap & Quill (June 2017)

The Consulting Detective Trilogy Part I: University, Foolscap & Quill (May 2012)

The Crack in the Lens, Foolscap & Quill (December 2010)

Short Stories

"The Adventure of the Dark Prince," Foolscap & Quill (coming soon)

"Sherlock Holmes and the Cup of Artemis," Foolscap & Quill (2017)

"The Adventure of the Apprentice's Coin," Foolscap & Quill (2012)

"The Mystery of the Ghostly Bells," Foolscap & Quill (2012)

"The Biker," Boulder Daily Camera (Oct. 1992)

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